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Customer Reviews

Here are many reviews sent in from our amazing customers. It really means a lot to us that many chose our small, locally NZ owned business which, in turn supports our local community.

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Recent order and delivery

Happy with how it all went

Staying healthy with ACV

Love your apple cider vinegar. Such a versatile, good quality product with great health benefits. So glad that you guys are making such excellent products. Looking forward to the return of your kombucha!

Daily Organics Scoby
Gregory L.
Vibrant & Zoomy

Arrived in a blink of a Scoby, looked pristine & eager for action. So pleased to share space in her fragrance of company.
Suppa happy Gregory

Ginger classic cleanse

These lovely little bottles make a great chilled drink and are excellent for maintaining digestive health. Highly recommend the balance of flavours.

Wonderful, personalized touch.

I was so excited to receive my first daily organics scoby and surprised and delighted by the personal touches that came with. Looking forward to my first kombucha brewing experience. Thank you so much.

Ginger Classic Cleanse
Christina T.
Love the Clean Refreshing Taste!

Always feel refreshed after sipping my Ginger Classic Cleanse each night. Always love the Daily Organic products, doesn’t matter which one it is.

My Favorite Kombucha

I miss Daily organics and can’t wait till it’s back on our shelves!
I love love love Daily organics!!

Original Kombucha
Claudio A.R.F.
Best kombucha ever

Best kombucha I have ever tested!!! Hopefully, you can come back soon to the market, you will smash it. This will push up your market share even more when you back.

The very best kombucha

I've tried pretty much every booch in NZ and this is hands down the best. Light years ahead of the rest in quality and taste.


Used to be winter brew but so happy this is available all year around... Its slightly sweeter than the lemon & ginger and I find it less bubbly but still great fizz!
More of a tonic than a soda, I feel very healthy after a few days consecutive drinking this! Best kombucha I've tried in NZ, AUS and USA!

All time favourite kombucha!

Best flavour - subtle sweet notes, more of a tonic than a soda, I feel very healthy after a few days consecutive drinking this! Best kombucha I've tried in NZ, AUS and USA!

Best tasting booch!

Absolutely love all the flavours so this allow me to have different flavour each day!

Cider vinegar

Always love your Cider Vinegar as a refreshing drink in the morning and using a lot in dressings for salads etc. So looking forward to ordering your Kombucha in the not too distant future I hope,

Great service

The best available in NZ

For me, there’s no point in bothering with anything other than the real thing when it comes to kombucha.
By this I mean the real thing, with a 2nd fermentation (therefore no need for added sugar or carbon dioxide), and one that’s Organic + live + therefore needs to be kept in the fridge.
Having enjoyed many different kombucha options over the years, from Canada to USA, Bali to Europe, and anything available here in NZ or Australia, this is the best (incl for quality, price point, taste experience, value + satisfaction).
However don’t take my word for it - the experience speaks for itself.
Thank you Daily Organics for creating the best kombucha I’ve been blessed to enjoy 🤩

My purchasing experience was excellent

Excellent in every way: purchase; delivery; support. My first batch of kombucha is still brewing. I hope it is as good as the Daily Organics brew. I would recommend anyone purchasing from Daily Organic without hesitation. Jamie R. Silverdale. Auckland

Apple Cider Vinegar
VIvienne S.
Apple Cider- The best!

Your kombucha rocked - so sad to see it go😩 but love your Apple Cider Vinegar - it’s the best on market🥰 Have with lemon juice every morning - great start to my day x

Magic booch! I felt immediately healthier.

I have been exhausted from post-covid fatigue for three weeks, and recovery has been very slow. I ordered some of your lovely product and I had a sudden burst of energy and have felt much recovered in the days since. I am very thankful for your beautiful product and believe it played a significant role in my recovery.

Best Tote!

Bought this as an everyday carry bag and tbh it’s the best tote I’ve ever bought! Large enough but not too big and great for groceries as well. Love it!!

Monthly Special
Rachael G.
Your Kombucha is the best

Your Kombucha is the best we have ever had, great flavour, refreshing and delicious.


Delicious kombucha. Extremely good to deal with, always a quick response and delivery.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Judithann &.R.C.
Apple Cider Vinegar

I am so grateful that i discovered this Vinegar as it is far better than any of the others that we have tried. It is so smooth and the taste is rich. We take it every day for digestion / reflux taking it 1 hour before breakfast we have been doing this for years with great results. We also use in cooking and dressings. We highly recommend you to give it ago you want be disappointed truly.

Monthly Special
Gordon M.
Kombucha Original

Thoroughly enjoy Daily Organics Kombucha. Look forward to what is known as Kombucha time for us each day. Flavour and texture far surpasses other Kombucha we have tried. Keep up the good

Daily Organics Original far surpasses the taste and texture of other Kombucha brands we have tried. Customer service for on line purchase exceptional

Monthly Special
Sheryl M.
Exceptional service

The customer service and prompt delivery is second only to the taste and quality of this kombucha. Definitely the best in the business.

Best kombucha I’ve ever had

Love your kombucha it’s healed my gut! I drink it everyday . THANK YOU!!