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Customer Reviews

Here are many reviews sent in from our amazing customers. It really means a lot to us that many chose our small, locally NZ owned business which, in turn supports our local community.

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Customer Service

10/10 for the team. Kombucha always arrives promptly.


Fantastic product and service

Original is my choice

This kombucha is packed full of flavour. Can’t get enough of it. An important part of my daily health

Fresh and Delicious

With the same pure flavour of the original, the freshness of the lemon and ginger is delightful.

Love the ACV

Great product have been drinking it with Lemon Juice every morning for years. Some ACVs have a very bitter bite to them, this one is very pleasant to drink.
The service was great and my order arrived promptly.
Its great to be able to order it online and there arent may health stores that stock it.

September Special
Bridget B.
Fantastic product and wonderful service

We’ve been enjoying the September special - the lemon and ginger kombucha is perfect to enjoy as the weather warms. Thanks for the awesome (as always) service


Delicious, amazing… my kids love it!!

September Special
Lynne B.
Summer kombucha

Whilst I am a great fan of the original kombucha, the summer kombucha is a beautifully light, refreshing drink, perfect for quenching the thirst on the warmer days. Really enjoying this one at the moment.

September Special
Carmel G.
Great product

I only drink Daily Organics Kombucha, the taste and fresh flavour is perfect. Not too sweet, and great with a slice of lemon.

September Special
Judithann &.R.C.
Kombucha Lemon & Ginger

This is my absolute favourite drink I purchase every week at the supermarket but was totally overjoyed to see it was your September special. I will get more before the end of September. BEST KOMBUCHA ever...nothing is even slightly as good thank you for another great product....we use your Apple Cider Vinegar first thing every morning before breakfast as a tonic...been using it for years...no more reflux...your Apple Cider is the smoothest we have had. Another great product 💕💫❣️💓

September Special

Title suggested by my son, who loves your kombucha. No one else’s kombucha compares with yours, most too sweet or too sharp. Love the depth of flavour.

Excellent product , great service

I usually orders online , team members have been following up to ensure that the kombuchas are arriving on a timely manner. This service I really appreciated .

Best kombucha

Best tasting kombucha on the market, makes other kombuchas taste like cheap garbage by comparison.

Obsessed with this brand

Years ago I used to drink wine, and would look forward to that time when I would have a glass. Now it is the same with this kombucha, such a treat. It's wonderful to anticipate and enjoy the whole ritual and satisfaction of sitting down and enjoying this delight as I review the day and it's blessings.

Original kombucha


August Special
Dianna C.
Love daily organics

Daily Organics is my favourite kombucha. My husband would probably say I’m a little crazy for it. Love the flavour of the original and winter version. The lovely messages from the team in your delivery box just top it all off. Totally appreciate it.

August Special
Our Fav Kombucha

Easily the most enjoyable drink of kombucha that I have had. When our kids call home to visit they grab one of these also so it has become the family fav drink.
Goodbye to the other brands.

August Special
My favorite kombucha

I tried Daily Organics kombucha probably a few years ago. And it’s always been my favourite go to kombucha, especially the original one. Highly recommend and love this!

Daily Organics Apple Cider Vinegar

Great product. Have been making up the warm apple cider vinegar recipe on the back of the bottle. Particularly nice on a cold winters day. Ordered through the website and received within days. Many Thanks!

Healthy Mind and Body

For years I have taken Kamboucha, Daily Organics is outstanding, I feel regenerated after my Dailly drink.

The best kombucha on the market

Not only is this the best tasting kombucha you can buy, it is also the best value for money and the staff at daily organics are wonderful.....so friendly and efficient.

Daily Organics Scoby
Eva V.D.H.

Fantastic quality and working well. I would have appreciated a recipe to get some starting guidelines.

Best little buch with big taste

A superb kombucha with superior flavour and brewed by a bunch of people who really care about doing things right and doing it well. Wouldn’t buy any other brand. Ethical and healthy!


Amazing customer service.

Chai spice n Ginger kombucha

200ml bottle lasts a long while as so punchy in flavour that only small sips required to enjoy, a lot.