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all you need to know about ACV

Yes, it is BioGro Organic Certified.

All our apples come from Certified Organic orchards in the sunny Hawkes Bay of New Zealand.

No. Our straight ACV does not need to be refrigerated after opening due to its high acidity. It is best kept somewhere cool and out of the direct light.

That is the "Mother" which is the mother culture of acetic bacteria that is used to convert hard apple cider into vinegar. This is normal and completely fine to consume.

No, all our ACV is raw, organic, unfiltered, unpasteurised and with the "Mother" in every bottle.

Apple Cider Vinegar has been prized for centuries as a natural remedy linked to so many positive health benefits. Some of these are supported by research, but also backed up by personal experience. We love our delicious ACV and noticed how well we felt drinking it regularly. It's smooth and easy to drink. Many find it to be an effective digestive aid, relief for heartburn, remedy for leg cramps and appetite suppressant. Our ACV is prebiotic that contains a high amount of pectin fibre, which helps aid your gut in growing good bacteria.

We recommend 20 - 40ml a day diluted with pure water. Start small and see how your body reacts. We have recipes on the bottle for you to try.