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All you need to know about Kombucha

Daily Organics® Kombucha is a naturally carbonated tea based probiotic tonic. It is produced using traditional brewing methods by fermenting the tea with raw cane sugar, water and a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (scoby).

Daily Organics® Kombucha is cultured, brewed and bottled in the small rural village of Matakana, located near pristine surf beaches and marine reserves making it the perfect setting for our kombucha to be created.

Drinking Daily Organics® Kombucha may promote better health by detoxifying and aiding the efficiency of your digestion and correcting acidic pH levels, which in turn can lead to a boost for your immune system. All fermented foods are beneficial for you in this regard, so why not let your gut decide if it’s right for you. As with any tonic, it is up to the consumer to decide it’s benefits. We can not make any specific claims because people all metabolise differently.

Daily Organics® kombucha is 100% Bio Gro certified organic. This means that all our ingredients, documentation and procedures go through robust inspections insuring our kombucha is GMO, pesticide and herbicide free before we can proudly display the Bio Gro logo on the front of every Daily Organics® kombucha bottle. 

There is no specific regulation in New Zealand protecting the word organic, so it’s buyer beware. Products can be labelled as organic without any requirement to prove this through certification.

We only use “organic” to describe ingredients which are certified as such by a recognised third party accreditation body. Without certification we strongly believe calling any product or ingredient “organic” can be grossly misleading for people trying to make informed decisions for their health. 

Daily Organics® kombucha is 100% raw. We wouldn’t dream of pasteurising (cooking) all those wonderful probiotics and digestive enzymes.

Yes, absolutely. Because Daily Organics uses slow traditional wild fermentation methods and does not pasteurise or add any preservations or additives to our brews, we are left with millions of probiotic micro-organisms that you get in every bottle. Our raw kombucha has been scientifically tested to contain millions of probiotics in the following species. Saccharomyces boulardi, Saccharomyces cerevisia, Oenococcus oeni, Dekkera anomala, Kloeckera japonica For more information on the help these probiotics can have on your health we recommend you read research on Google.

Daily Organics® Kombucha is packaged in our unique amber glass to protect the living probiotics from harmful UV or florescent light found in most retail/grocery coolers. 

In our kombucha brews we only use the best water we can find, luckily for us our pure artesian water is sourced locally and comes from two very deep naturally occurring aquifers. This pure water has undergone a natural filtration process deep down over mineral rich rocks, resulting in a very soft and high alkaline water which is just perfect for our brews. 

Caffeine is essential for brewing kombucha and most of the caffeine is metabolised during the fermentation process. The caffeine remaining is a fraction of what was started with and is generally unnoticed by most people. However, if you are extremely sensitive to caffeine we advise starting with small amounts to gauge your tolerance. 

The only time we add raw organic cane sugar is at the very beginning of the brew. Without sugar the culture has no food to ferment. As a result of the fermentation, almost all the sugar is converted by the scoby when finished fermenting. 

Yes it is gluten-free and vegan. Daily Organics® kombucha contains no animal products or by-products. 

Every Kombucha drinker is different, but listen to your body. We suggest starting slow with 100ml per serve/day and then building up to more over time. 

Well, if you drink too much for your constitution it could well lead to a few trips to the bathroom. This is why we recommend starting with small amounts and seeing how your body reacts. 

Daily Organics® kombucha is a great beverage for any time of the day. Every Kombucha drinker has his or her favourite time to enjoy.

Yes! Because it is a living product. It must be kept in the fridge.

Daily Organics® kombucha once opened we suggest drinking within 10 days of opening. But in saying that Daily Organics® kombucha does not actually “go-off”, we still put a best before date because we can’t guarantee it will have the same taste after it’s “best before”.

With our traditional brewing methods there maybe culture strands appearing naturally as evidence of the living probiotics and sediment on the bottom of the bottle. This is all natural. 

Because we brew in small batches each bottle will be slightly different. Keep in mind that Daily Organics® is a living tonic so it will continue to evolve, even in the bottle. Great care has been taken to bottle your Daily Organics® kombucha at just the right time, so please keep refrigerated and open slowly.

Sometimes in Summer because of higher temperatures we get really fizzy brews and these need to be opened slowly with care by burping the bottle until the fizzing subsides. 

Watch out you may need a change of clothes if you shake your bottle of Daily Organics® kombucha. Please don’t shake your bottle as this will result in you losing your yummy kombucha. Always open slowly.