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July 22, 2019 2 min read

Daily Organics launched at the iconic Matakana Village Farmers Market in 2014 where Delwyn and her family had been selling smoothies since the Summer of 2008. 

Kombucha was recommended to Delwyn by her doctor as a fermented tea tonic to help aid her digestion and gifted her her first scoby. After researching Kombucha as much as she could Delwyn began home brewing on a very small scale on the kitchen bench at home in the biggest glass jars she could find. Family and friends soon tasted her experimental kombucha brews at their passive solar mud-brick home in the secluded valley of rural Pakiri surrounded by organic permaculture gardens.

The first brews sold at the market were so popular they quickly needed to find a commercial kitchen close to home so they could start supplying the keen cafes and whole-food stores that had discovered Daily Organics at the Matakana Village Farmers Market stall. Orders rolled in and every Wednesday the trusty Toyota Prius would get loaded up with the branded wooden swap-a-crates full of glass bottles of kombucha and delivered around Auckland to cafes and whole food stores. 

Daily Organics was a year old when Delwyn meet Brad at the Saturday market stall.

Daily Organics pictured at the Matakana Village Market

Brad had had valuable kombucha experience in Canada and the USA before meeting Delwyn. He offered to come and help her brew at the first rented kitchen that was tiny, situated behind a classic motorcycle workshop graemecrosby.co.nz set in a thriving orchard and kitchen garden in Big Omaha.  Across the road was the ever-changing contemporary art gallery thevivian.co.nz that made a welcome respite after long hours brewing.  

Brad & Delwyn needed to brew more kombucha to met the growing demand and therefore required a bigger space, so moved the kitchen down the road to Takatu near Tawharanui Regional Park while they waited for promised premises in the heart of Matakana Village to become available and this is where they are today.

Come 2019 Daily Organics was excited to launch another fermented product that is nicely in keeping with its mission of certified organic food that could be consumed daily. Apple Cider Vinegar. Slowly aged in oak for twelve months and with the "Mother" in every bottle, it is fast becoming a healthy pantry staple throughout New Zealand kitchens.

Daily Organics has always grown organically. Brad & Delwyn as co-owners are proud to be hands-on and committed to creating everything in-house from the brewing to bottling. It means they can remain true to their core beliefs of crafting pure, simple, organic meaningful products that they feel proud to share with their families, friends and the wider community. 

Without all their passionate customers they wouldn't be Daily Organics.
Heartfelt thanks goes out to those supporters of Daily Organics Kombucha and Apple Cider Vinegar.

Thank You!