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July 23, 2019 1 min read

Daily Organics has been BioGro organic certified from our very first day because it is what we truly believe in, in our life as well as in business.

BioGro is New Zealand's leading certifier of organic products. Their certification is also internationally recognised and accredited. Having the BioGro logo guarantees that a product is made with no genetic modification and without the use of synthetic pesticides as well as not being tested on animals. 

It means we are audited every year by stringent standards set by BioGro that require tracked records of all our purchased raw ingredients. Every ingredient has to be traced right back to the plantation where it has been grown.

Daily Organics is very proud to be certified 100% organic for every bottle of apple cider vinegar and kombucha.

For more information on BioGro www.biogro.co.nz

Certified Organic Bio Grow