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Daily Organics Kombucha is proudly 100% Organic Bio Gro Certified and contains no gluten or dairy.

We source the highest quality Certified Organic tea and brew with local pristine artesian water. Nothing else. Nothing fake.

By brewing slowly and bottle conditioning we create a kombucha that tastes like no other. Because our kombucha is a raw, unpasteurised living product, it is always found in a fridge and never on a shelf. And we will never brew or bottle in plastic.

By taking time to mature and bottled at just the right stage in our distinct UV sensitive amber glass bottles, this ensures the living probiotics are protected from harmful light.

We never force fermentation, artificially carbonate, add stevia, preservatives, flavourings or additives. It’s because we’re purists and believe in the art of making true beneficial kombucha.

This is not just kombucha. This is Daily Organics.

Kombucha cheers.

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We sell genuine Daily Organics scobys to make your own kombucha.